Decon sets bench mark in Outdoor Furniture for Modern Customers

Decon sets bench mark in Outdoor Furniture for Modern Customers

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Decon sets bench mark in Outdoor Furniture for Modern Customers

Specialising in Outdoor Furniture, Decon Outdoor Furniture delivers a range of modern classic and cozy designs to its customers. Having 11 years of Furniture manufacturing experience, Decon designs has turned into trusted name and brand in the furniture market, not just into Malaysia but also other countries.

Decon is known for its of good technical capability and ample capacity to any size of project or bulk orders. Decon brings 80% of its manufactured products to the commercial industry 20% to the retail market. The company provides customers with reasonable production lead time and good offer of after sales services.

Throughout the years Decon has expended its range of products to cater to a wider range of customers –from today’s lifestyle people love to spend time outdoors using synthetic rattan furniture for pool side to backyard-patio to terrace and people are having bigger home spaces in the countryside. Decon provides low-end price range of products but with medium-to high-end finishing and quality, Decon has perfected its marketing strategy to respond to all types of customers.

Kong Posh Industries (M) Sdn Bhd doesn’t sit on its achievements, but it continues to work in meeting market demand in Malaysia and overseas. But also that more customers today are finding themselves living in bungalows and villas which allows them to have huge space for outdoor furniture. Hence the need for furniture that would suite such a modern environment has increased in recent years.

In overview to the market behavior, Decon designs is developing new collections designed to current trend- classic modern collections of sofa sets and dining sets that would fit perfectly in patio   Terrance , balcony and backyard, these new  designs advocate the concept of original designs  of “Rattan” furniture without the typical bulkiness that  comes with the style.

At Decon’s 11th Year Anniversary Now we have launched many new products such as Balau Wood Furniture, Cast Aluminum Furniture, Teak Wood Furniture and Modern Wicker Furniture.

We believe that “Life Is Better Outdoors” by DECON

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