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Furniture, I were teased by my close friends, it begins in a discussion with the upcoming Café “Saffron Cottage “ we were discussing about the concept of the café, I stated with my ideology of furniture for daily usage for commercial and residential purposes. Remember whenever you share your ideas or your view in anything’s, one thing you have to remember all the same minds can’t connect at same way, there will be arguments and different prospect of views. So could be agreeable most would be ridiculous. So what would you do, pick the majority ones and carry on.

Whether you are talking about “Furniture” or anything else, it applies the same .I realized that after being teased I have gained the best about my field. I had put a Sunday party for those teased friends to prove them that it was really an unfair for me while discussing about upcoming Café “Saffron Cottage”.
We stated at 10 am at one of the friends office, let’s analysis what happened…
1. We gather at friends office so we use “Office Furniture”
2. Next we decide to have breakfast at nearer Bistro so we use “ Bistro Furniture”
3. What next back to public garden use “Garden Furniture”
4. Obviously none of them analysis what is happening we decide to go for swimming use “Pool Furniture”
5. Now we decided to go for lunch we use “Dining Furniture”
6. Then we went for movie we use “Auditorium Furniture”
7. After back from movie straight for Dinner again we use “Fine Dining Furniture”
8. Now everyone wants to chill out went out for bar again use “Bar Furniture”
9. It was really a great day decided to rape up at rooftop again use “Rooftop Furniture”
10. I said guys , let’s go back Bill’s home no doubt we use “Living Room Furniture”

No doubt, what you do, who you are, where you go, so next time respect others opinion and yours will be respected, you have to be aware of doings..

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