Finest Kashmiri saffron

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Kong Posh the trusted Trade mark in Kashmir, we are the growers of Finest Kashmiri Saffron from 300 years(7 generations) having corporate office in Malaysia past 16 years, To get 1 kilo of pure saffron it takes:150000,Flowers 700 Square meters of soil 200 Hours of labor.The red gold of the region of KASHMIR.
Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs, however, and the cost of drinking saffron tea daily to treat depression might outweigh any benefits.
Uses And Specialties of Saffron:
*Rewards delightness and removes drownsiness
*Maintains Cholesterol Level
*Enhance your Mental Health
*Regulates menstruation cycles
*Enhance your Eye Sight when used a cajole powder
*Reduces inflammation of lever and uterus
*Enhance Mood

Saffron is Used for the Treatment of:
Headaches,Piles, Brain inflammation,influenza, cold diseases, paralysis, back pain, chronic peritonitis, cough,ulcer, Blood pressure, Asthma,and certain types of cancer.

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